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Websites for people who need to get more done & spend less time.

This weekend, take “fix the website” off your to-do list. Take back your free time, and get a website that works for your business.

Is your current website doing nothing for your business?

If you’ve already got a website, like many businesses do, you might have felt excited about it when it first launched– but lately, it’s feeling like a dud. You feel like you’ve hit an invisible wall that’s holding you back. If any of the following scenarios are familiar, you’re not alone…

Scenario #1

“Does Anyone Even Go To My Site?”

If you’re not getting many (or any) phone calls or leads coming in– or the ones who do visit are not who you want– you’re not alone. Your website is a complex system and some of the contributing factors to its success are below the surface, invisible to you.

Let’s do a deep dive and see what factors can be improved to get that sales machine churning again.

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Scenario #2

“I’m not excited to share my website.”

Many business owners I’ve spoken to feel they can explain things and sell their product or service much better in person or on the phone– even though they (like everyone else these days) go online to do research before ever speaking to a salesperson.

Don’t ignore that reality– embrace it by making your website your hardest working salesperson!

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Scenario #3

“My website doesn’t feel like me.”

If your website doesn’t feel authentically you, it may not match up with your real-world or social media branding, and maybe the major goals of your site– like the “calls to action” featured on your homepage– don’t align with the current goals you’re excited about for your business.

Let’s get your site back on track so you’ll feel excited about it again!

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…if that sounds like you, you need a website that works. I can help.

Fast, Easy, Accessible Websites

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Web Design & Development

Your small business needs a website that’s beautiful, fast, and optimized to drive sales. Learn more about improving your online presence with a better website.
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Ongoing website support

Priority care for your website is more than just a timesaver– it’s like having a geeky superhero on call. Learn more about what’s included in website support.
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White Label WordPress Development

If you’re a designer who wants to level up your web design business, let’s talk! I can custom code your designs through my white label WordPress web development service or as a collaborator.

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About Me

Meet the Designer & Developer

I’m Kelsey, and I’m a WordPress developer. I’ve been designing for the web for close to 20 years. I’ve worked with clients all over the United States and Canada. I’ve worked with lawyers, teachers, health care practitioners, and retail and wholesale store owners to make sites that fit their unique business challenges.

If you are in need of a new or improved website, especially if you’re a small business providing a service, please get in touch in the project inquiry form. Or, follow the link below to learn more about what I do and read case studies.

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You don’t have to be a tech wiz to have a website that works.

Here’s what business owners like you are saying:

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“I’ve been wanting to do a website for a long time, but felt daunted by the whole idea. I’m so glad that I found Kelsey to put it together for me… She’s knowledgeable, professional, and fast. She never made me feel stupid, which I really appreciate, because I know nothing about tech stuff. I highly recommend her.”
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Lia DeLand
Licensed Professional Therapist, Bend, Oregon