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  • Sending and receiving business emails

    Business Owner’s Guide to Managing Email

    When you’re a small business owner, and especially once you get your business online, the amount of email you get can get pretty overwhelming. Claims of waiting fortunes from Nigerian princes, loads of social media notifications, endless transactional and marketing emails from the businesses you deal with, and (hopefully!) email leads from your website…it adds…


  • A beginner’s guide to content marketing for your business

    If your website has been around a while, but you are consistently getting low traffic, you might be frustrated and at a loss as to why. Many times, the reason is that your website doesn’t have enough content. How content marketing makes your website more effective If you are a service business, you might have…


  • What should I do after my new website launches?

    Now that your website has launched, you may be wondering when you can expect to see good results. We’ll talk about where website visitors come from, and how you can get more. Types of website traffic Visitors to your website can be grouped into a few different buckets. Paid search You might use ad campaigns…


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