White Label WordPress Development

If you’re a WordPress designer and you want to level up the websites you deliver to your clients, I can help. WordPress is changing– to save your time and sanity, enlist a geek like me.

use white label wordpress design to get more profitable web design business

Lean in to what you love, and leave the rest to me.

Spend less time on your next project, charge more, and attract better clients.

The pace of change in the WordPress world is increasing, and page builders are playing catch-up. But you can be ahead of the game. I build websites that rely on native WordPress features– ie, blocks. My builds get great performance results. I don’t worry about hitting that update button because I build things that are future-resistant and rock solid.

I turn what you give me into a fast-loading custom WP theme that’s client-proof and easy to use, and gets better with every update.

If you’re struggling with code, you’re not alone. But you don’t have to go through that stress. If you’re tired of troubleshooting plugins that don’t do what you need them to, and you feel like you’re not living the life you wanted when you started your business, just drop me a line.

Custom WordPress Development

Custom built to your designs

I have about 10 years of experience designing and building WordPress sites, and I value getting the details right. So you can be assured that what you envision will be exactly what you get– so feel free to be creative and dream big! At the same time, when it comes to responsive behaviors, transitions, and other things that aren’t obvious from a site mockup, your design vision will be applied faithfully without you needing to spell out or mock up every frame or breakpoint.

Complex Functionality

WordPress makes complex functionality manageable for non-coders. But putting all the pieces together in a way that’s simple to manage for your client can be pretty gnarly. Building out eCommerce, membership sites, LMS sites, and other complex WP challenges is right up my alley. So you can confidently say yes to projects that seem intimidating– and you can be the hero who delivers it to your clients.

Easy to Use

Ever logged in to someone else’s WordPress website and been completely baffled by what you saw? Me too. That won’t be your experience. I make sure that editing is intuitive and straightforward, building things “the WordPress Way.” Bonus– you won’t have to worry that the next update will break things. Updates will make your client’s website better, and their website will stay beautiful for longer. Great for your portfolio!

Built for speed

My top priority is building out websites that are solid, quality, and performant. So websites will load quickly and have awesome results on Google Pagespeed, Lighthouse, etc. They’re also made to be accessible to everyone, just the way that the web is by design– when we use it the right way!

My WordPress Development Process

1. Discovery Call

During our initial discovery call, whether on the phone or by Zoom, we’ll discuss your client’s project and their challenges and objectives.

2. Scope of Work & Agreement

I’ll write out a detailed scope of work describing the project requirements so that everyone’s on the same page. This scope of work will also have our timeline and payment details. If everything looks good, I’ll send a link to pay the deposit (50% of the total fee) and that kicks off the project.

3. Design

You’ll begin your design phase, using whatever tools suit your design process (whether that’s designing in browser, static images, or tools like Sketch, etc) and get final approval on the design from your client.

4. Building out the website

Once your client signs off on your design, my development phase begins. I develop the site locally and then present it to you for feedback.

5. Launch

Once you sign off on the final development version, it’s time to launch. If you are outsourcing maintenance of your client’s site to me through my white label care plan, I’ll deploy the website to its new home on a virtual private server, and if not, we’ll deploy to your client’s current hosting. I support and warranty for 3 weeks free of charge.

What benefits can a block-ready, custom theme have over using a page builder?

There’s nothing wrong with using a page builder– it adds incredible value to the website you deliver for the end client to be able to edit without knowing any code. But, you might have noticed that most clients don’t take advantage of this. Or if they do, beautiful design quickly turns to an inconsistent mess of Comic Sans and sadness.

What if you could have a theme that empowered your client to change and add to their content, without facing the same dizzying array of design controls that page builders offer?

What if this theme was built using WordPress core best practices, so that updates could be installed with confidence that nothing will break?

What if this theme was very, very fast?

100% performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO scores with fireworks

I can create a custom theme and plugins that your client needs to meet their business goals and complex requirements.

All the different ways that your customer needs to present content, from custom page headers, footers, sidebars, post feeds, recipe cards, calls-to-action, mailing list signups, etc, will be built into custom blocks. These blocks can be reused and combined endlessly on any page, creating layouts that are complex, yet easy to use.

Here’s how a custom built theme using modern WordPress features will improve your client’s life…

  • What you see on the back end is what you get on the front end.
  • No [shortcodes] in the back end [/because those are=”terrible”].
  • Your client can easily edit the content and even appearance of their content– but the design controls are not exposed to the end user. They will be able to choose only colors, spacing, fonts, etc that are consistent with their branding.
  • If they have monetized their sites using Mediavine or another ad network, they won’t have to deal with “div soup” that interferes with that algorithm.

How can partnering with me on your next client project change your business?

Your clients will be wowed at how easy their site is to maintain and update, site visitors will get lightning fast page loads, and your beautiful site will stay that way (especially with white label maintenance) and get results for your clients. Your design portfolio will flourish and overflow with amazing, quantifiable gains– your clients’ traffic will improve, their website speed results will improve, their revenue will go up.

When they see these things happen, your clients will leave enthusiastic, flowery reviews on your social media and tell all their friends. Your skin will get that dewey glow. Your dog will learn to make you coffee. You’ll finally really enjoy jogging.

…Ok, so I can’t promise those last three things, but who’s to say it won’t happen now that you’ve saved all this time and effort partnering with me on your next project?

Let’s work together to take your business to the next level.

Listen to what this happy designer had to say about working with me on a recent project…

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“My client noticed a 20% increase in website traffic within the first 2 weeks of launch. She also achieved her best Mediavine ads revenue day EVER. I have no doubt that her traffic and revenue increase is related to Kelsey’s coding. Lightweight, fast-loading, totally optimized for ads… Kelsey brought my design concept to life!”
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