Ongoing website support makes the difference.

Your website can be a platform for a thriving business in the digital marketing age, or, it can be a hassle and a headache that turns customers away. Like any powerful tool, it’s an investment of both money and time to use it properly. The good news is, you don’t have to spend years learning how to DIY website maintenance. I offer done-for-you support and maintenance to ensure your website is a success, so you can spend your time making your business is a success.

Have you faced any of these website maintenance challenges?

You know you need to update, but you’re afraid you’ll break your site– because that’s what happened last time.

A customer told you that when they visited your site, they saw a blank page, an error, or were redirected to another site. Yikes!

You want to make changes to your site, but you can’t log in or you don’t want to touch the code. So your site stays out-of-date.

You are not alone.

Owning a business in 2020 means that your online presence gets more important every day. And as websites get more and more crucial to your success, they also get more complex. But you don’t need to spend your nights and weekends worrying about a broken site, or a site that isn’t working for your business anymore. You just need a little help from a trusted pro!

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These 6 features will supercharge your website:

Fast, Secure Web Hosting

All care plans come with web hosting included. Your site will be hosted on a server with industry best practice security and is tuned for performance, so your site will be blazing fast for your customers. Plus, you get to skip all those annoying upsell emails from the big web hosting guys.

Managed Security & Backups

I apply updates to your website software as necessary, and I keep an eye out for critical security updates so your site stays secure. I test updates first to be sure they’re not going to break your site, and if anything goes wrong, I’m there to fix it. Regular backups further protect against data loss.

Content Updates

Your content never has to be out of date. I make sites that are easy for you to update yourself, but your plan also includes a weekly measure of my time to do things for you like adding eCommerce products, changing text, or adding blog posts. An up-to-date site is just an email away. See the FAQ for more.

Analytics at Your Fingertips

You can always see how many people are visiting your site, how they got there, and what they look at while they’re on your site. No more guessing what’s working, what’s not, or where to spend your ad budget (or time).

FREE Design Refresh Every 24 months

Brands evolve, and design trends change! To make sure your site is always current and “up to code” with modern best practices, I include a design refresh every 24 months. For more info about what’s involved in a refresh, see the FAQ below.

Premium Software

Care plans include hundreds of dollars worth of premium software licenses that can supercharge your site– without having to find, vet, and keep up with monthly or yearly subscription fees. Depending on your site, your care plan could actually pay for itself in those savings alone!

The Website Care Plan is much more than web hosting.

Your Website Care Plan includes web hosting, sure, but it covers way more than that.

First, it’s truly, hands-on, managed WordPress hosting. That means your website is always updated and secure, and the core functions that serve your business– like the ability for customers to email you via a contact form, or make a purchase using a shopping cart and checkout form– are actually monitored and tested regularly.

Second, your care plan comes with access to a variety of premium services and software licenses that supercharge your website. Here’s just a few of the benefits you can get with the care plan:

  • Reliable web hosting that can scale with your business
  • Editing your website is as easy as drag-and-drop or fill-in-the-blanks
  • Reliable delivery of emails sent via contact forms, or transactional emails like order notifications– no more missing emails in the spam folder
  • On-demand supply of high-quality licensed images
  • Regularly scheduled, reliable website backups
  • The best available website performance optimization
  • Powerful appointment booking and calendar management

…and much more!

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Let’s chat about your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of content updates can you do for me weekly with a care plan?

    Anything that constitutes a minor change to your site or its content. Adding or changing text to an existing page or swapping out a picture is a minor change. Adding a blog post or a static page using an existing template is minor. You email me the updates that you need once per week, providing at least a day or two in advance to allow me time to schedule your updates (depending on how involved they are).

    Sometimes, you’ll want major changes. For example, maybe you run a blog, and you want to start to start selling something. Adding support for eCommerce would be a major addition to the functionality of your site and would fall outside the support plan. For those types of requests, I’m happy to quote you at my discounted rate for preferred clients.

  • What’s this about premium software? I thought WordPress was free.

    WordPress, and all the plugins that extend the functionality of WordPress, are open-source. But there are many third-party plugins that extend the functionality of a basic WordPress site. For example, if you want to start selling something through your website, you’ll need a plugin that at least adds a checkout form that connects with your payment processor to make a transaction, and maybe a “cart” to allow multiple products to be purchased or saved for later.

    But many find that they have additional, more customized, requirements to really run their store the way they want. For example, you might want to have a loyalty program where returning customers earn points on each purchase that they can spend at your store. Or you might have a wholesale pricing tier for resellers of your products. Or you might sell your time instead of a product, and you need a booking system and a system to automate billing to work together.

    Depending on how complex your website is, all the plugins to make it work exactly how you want can add up, and it’s an ongoing expense (typically a yearly licensing fee to receive necessary updates). I provide access to these plugins at no additional cost with my support plans.

  • What happens if I want to stop service? Will my site keep working?

    Yes, your website will absolutely keep working if you stop service. Your website is yours, and you are always free to take it where you like. Billing is month-to-month.

    You own your site. Most of my clients have been with me for years, but it’s not because I have long contracts!

    Since my support includes web hosting, which is how your site is made available on the internet, if you stopped service you would need to find another web host and pay them a fee to host your website. Usually, they will migrate your site for free in order to get your business. I can wrap up your site in a migration-friendly package and send it along to you, and you can arrange to have them take it from there.

    If you have made use of premium plugins (see question # 2 above), nothing will change. Your site will keep working. However, you’ll need to purchase the licenses to use the premium plugins on your own and keep the license(s) up to date. If you don’t, you won’t be able to update those plugins, which can lead to security issues like a hacked site.

  • What’s covered under a “design refresh”?

    Design refresh includes updating the look & feel of your site, but also making sure that your site is current behind-the-scenes as well. For example, as new mobile devices come on the market and screen sizes in general change, adjustments to image sizes, font sizes, or other minor layout issues might be best. I design sites that work flexibly on a very wide spectrum of screen sizes, so I find the 24 month schedule is well suited to keep sites looking their best.

  • Is email included in web hosting?

    No, email is not bundled with the web hosting aspect of the care plan. Email is a different ball game than web hosting.

    There’s a number of very good reasons to separate your email from your web host– getting your emails actually delivered instead of landing in the “spam” folder being chief among them!

    You can still have a professional, branded email like for a low monthly cost from a dedicated email vendor (usually between $1-6 USD depending on the features you want), and I can help set that up for you if you need to transition away from the freebie setup at your current host or set up a brand new account. After that, your email host will provide support. Believe me, it’s worth it to get your emails delivered and read!

Do you have another question? Let me know!