Articles about websites and digital marketing

Read how to get started with your website and grow your business online.

  • Intro to website security for business owners

    Hackers are almost never going after your site in particular. But that doesn’t mean you’re not at risk. If you’ve ever wondered whether you as a small business owner should really be concerned about protecting yourself from getting hacked, the answer is yes– you absolutely need to. You don’t need to attract the particular attention of…


  • Responding to COVID-19 for Business Owners

    Here’s a quick list of what steps both services and brick and mortar storefronts can take to adapt and overcome in these new circumstances.


  • How much does a website cost?

    Even though cost is not the only factor you’re considering, I understand many wonder ‘how much does a website cost?’. If you’re eager to get right down to brass tacks, please download my pricing guide– it’ll give you a range to work with and we can talk about your particular business needs to narrow things…


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