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Read how to get started with your website and grow your business online.

  • Is this email or call I got about my website a scam?

    Scam emails, phone calls, and letters are on the rise. As businesses get serious about their web presence, scammers see opportunities to deceive or take advantage of us. I don’t want you to fall victim to these scammers! Common types of scams include: Telling you there’s a problem with your website and they can fix…


  • Sending and receiving business emails

    Does my business need a mailing list?

    Yes, you need an email list. Whether you run a service business, sell products, write a niche monetized blog, or however you make money with your website– cultivating a mailing list will increase your profits. I’ll explain what your mailing list is for, why it’s better than social media, how to set one up, and…


  • How does Google work?

    This is a high-level look at how search engines weigh and measure different factors relating to your website, and introduces the topic of how to optimize your website to rank higher in search engine results. For further reading, please see also: How can I get my website to #1 on Google? (The real, boring way)–…


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