Can getting a better website actually grow my business?

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better website design to grow your business

Yes, getting a better website can not only make your business look professional and high-end, but it really can grow your business and make it more profitable. Here’s how.

Better SEO = more customers

A high quality website can get found better and rank higher in search engine results.

No matter how much money, time, and effort you spend on SEO– if your website sucks, it’s like trying to drive a car with square wheels. But a well-made website that is purpose-built with best SEO practices in mind will perform better in search engine results over time.

With better SEO, more leads (interested visitors) who are searching for your product or service will get exposed to your website, naturally growing your pool of customers over time without having to pay for ads or other artificial traffic boosting.

Customers will actually listen to your marketing message.

Fewer customers will hit the back button on a well-made website.

Even if you already have a website, you may be surprised at how many new leads you can retain with a well-crafted website. If your current website doesn’t look as professional as you’d like, or doesn’t feel current, takes too long to load, or has any other issues, you don’t know how many potential customers are turning away before you get a chance to talk to them.

But a professionally built website that is 100% free of rough edges goes a LONG way toward convincing customers that you are a trustworthy professional that they can trust to get the job done– whatever it is.

The tricky part is that when you’re DIYing it, you don’t know what you don’t know. So if your current website isn’t getting the results you want, consider that there may be hidden problems that are handicapping it. Please fill out the contact form if you’d like me to take a look.

You can raise your prices.

With a high-end website, you can charge high-end prices (with less pushback!)

Whether we realize it or not, our website is speaking volumes about us to our customers. Does your website currently say what you WANT to say about your business?

If you are looking to move upmarket and charge a bit more, can your website back up those higher-end prices… or is it subtly whispering to your customers that you built your website in a weekend yourself to save a buck or two?

If you’ve ever struggled with wasting time on leads who don’t seem to value what you offer, it could be that there’s a mismatch between the quality of your product or service and the level of quality your website is projecting.

A better website will look and perform to a high standard– the same high standard that you set for your own business.

Save time on tedious tasks.

With a powerful website built on a platform like WordPress, you can automate almost anything.

Websites can be more than just good-looking words and pictures on a page. They can reduce administrative work that you’d otherwise do by hand. For example:

  • Quickly onboard customers by sending them a link to a “welcome” form that adds their details to your customer relationship management software (or spreadsheet, or mailing list, or Quickbooks– whatever your business uses!)
  • Provide a customer portal to give customers access to information you’d otherwise need to coordinate sending manually, or use a third party platform to share.
  • Incorporate software that allows your customers to easily book appointments 24/7 and makes it easy and error-free to get fully booked.

By taking advantage of the powerful dynamic features available with WordPress or similar website, you can grow your business without growing your workload (and maybe even REDUCE your workload). That way, every customer costs you less to acquire. And you have sustainable growth and better profits!

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