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I build custom websites that are easy to use, accessible to all, and friendly to search engines. I also provide ongoing maintenance and care so your website is always performing well for your business.
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Web Design & Development

These days, getting a simple website up and running can be easy. But building a robust digital marketing platform that will actually grow your business is a different story. Building a website that serves your business requires skill and experience. I’ll cut through the confusion and build a website that’s powerful enough to drive new sales– and make your life easier at the same time.

I am a web developer for:

  • Small to medium service businesses
  • Coaches
  • Health care practitioners
  • Product businesses– wholesale or retail sales
  • Designers looking for white label development

I build custom sites that handle complex challenges like paid memberships, online appointment booking, wholesale product sales, sites with thousands of products, stores with many product variations, online learning course offerings, ad network inserts, and more.

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Website & eCommerce Support

Ongoing support for your website can make the difference between a broken site that keeps you up at night, and a marketing machine that makes you money while you sleep.

Like any software, it will need updates to continue working well and to stay secure. If it’s not updated, it can become vulnerable to hacking, slow down, or even become unusable by you and your customers.

To make sure your site grows in value as a business asset instead of becoming a liability, I offer monthly support.

Monthly support protects your site– I update all software, take regular backups, and make sure your site keeps working properly. But more than that, ongoing support adds value by making sure the content is always current.

In addition, I provide access to high value software and services that improve your website, like spam blockers, email delivery services, and more. I buy these licenses and services in bulk, so you can save.

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Full Service Web Hosting

Many hosts advertise “managed” WordPress hosting, but when you submit a ticket, their support is often overwhelmed, disinterested, or incompetent. And when there’s a real issue, they tell you to hire a developer. To me, that’s not really managed hosting. There’s a better way: a partnership between your developer and a reliable host, giving you the peace of mind to know your site is always taken care of.

I use DigitalOcean to provide scalable cloud hosting with the best available security and speed at a very affordable price. It’s a very good alternative to frustrating and unreliable budget hosting.

Here’s just a few of the perks of hosting with me:

  • Automatic backups (frequency depends on your needs)
  • Always free SSL certificate
  • Fixed monthly or yearly price– no surprises!
  • Secure and fast
  • Free trial with any new web development project

Hosting is a benefit that I only include with the purchase of a monthly support plan, with no commitment. See my support information  page to find out how your business could benefit from this type of ongoing support.

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White Label WordPress Development

Are you a designer looking to collaborate on a project? I can provide development as either a white label service where your client doesn’t even know I exist, or as a collaboration– either way is fine by me. If you’ve got a project that’s outside your comfort zone, or you’d just like to level up your workflow and take on more and better jobs, we could be a great fit. Read more on my custom development information page about how I can help you level up your design business to deliver more value to your clients with special requirements.


White label WordPress development
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