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Case Study:

Marion M. S.– Blogger, Photographer

Instagram influencer Marion M. S. needed a web shop to sell her digital products. We developed a site that reflected her aesthetic and kept her brand consistent across all her digital platforms. The site is geared towards sales in every way.

Behind the scenes, Marion’s site is built using best practice current WordPress theme development practices. That means that she is able to use the block editor to easily change or add to her content without needing to touch code or tack on a plugin just to get the layout right.


  • Loads quickly
  • Navigation menu features products prominently, keeping less important content secondary
  • Features quick-view popups so customers can quickly see the appeal
  • Shop menu at the top of every page conveniently provides cart and checkout links, as well as log in

Another benefit of building a custom block-ready theme is the ability to drag and drop pre-built blocks, reusing them endlessly for different types of content without having to mess with design controls. For example, if she adds a product and wants to build a landing page to feature it on her social media, she can easily do that by combining existing content blocks that are pre-built and ready to drag & drop on her new page.

Her suite of custom blocks come with her brand colors and fonts built-in, along with a preselected set of layout options– no designing needed. This leads to better results and faster publishing than using typical DIY page builders which present a dizzying array of design options!

Custom built blocks are the best of both worlds. Your website is custom built, efficient, and lightweight, but you won’t need to email your web developer every time you want to add a piece of content.

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