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Case Study:

Acupuncture Fertility Specialists– lead generating informational website for local service business

An acupuncture clinic operating in Sacramento has had several website refreshes since I began working with them in 2013. The most recent refresh, shown here, happened in early 2020. At that time I upgraded the behind-the-scenes code to make their site faster and more future-proof.

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Their branding is soft, calming, and feminine. Their site is informative and easy to navigate, ensuring that potential clients who are at any point on their fertility journey can get the info they need to make a decision on their care provider. As a result, many who are searching for information on how to have a successful pregnancy in their local service area are able to find their site and send email through their site, funneling leads to their patient coordination staff.

What I do for this client:

  • Web design
  • Ongoing monthly support
  • Hosting
  • Digital marketing consultation

On the horizon for this client:

In the future, based on our consultation, the website may incorporate a form to capture emails and add these to a mailing list for future email campaigns. These campaigns will allow visitors who may be in the early stages of their fertility journey to stay in touch with AFS long-term. Current marketing assets such as print brochures can be repurposed as multi-part “drip” campaigns which automatically send out a series of emails over time, without any intervention needed by staff.

How can email marketing efforts like that be used for your business? Think about how many individuals may visit your website without the immediate intent to purchase– maybe needing more information, or perhaps a change of circumstances before they make their decision. Those leads don’t have to slip through your fingers. Contact me in order to book a consultation call for your email marketing efforts!

Here’s what this client had to say about working with me:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“My website was in serious need of an update. Kelsey was very helpful in providing me with her expert opinion on how to make the website stand out. She was very attentive to my requests and provided me with previews that allowed me to see in advance what my website would look like before posting. She was very accommodating and prompt to make any changes to suit my desired look. I couldn’t be happier with the end result. The update is very appealing and I feel that it is going to help my potential clients feel great about my practice and the services we offer. “Thank you Kelsey!”
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Swasti Shrestha
Acupuncture Fertility Specialists

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