Turning your influence and high-value content into an online business with recurring revenue

Are you interested in building a business sharing your expertise that generates revenue around the clock– without working around the clock?

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Are you currently spending hours every day producing high-value content on someone else’s platform?

Whatever your field of expertise, if you want to share it with the world and make a living of it, you’ll need your own platform in order to turn it into a business with lasting value. With a great website, you can share the expertise you’ve earned, and get paid for sharing the ideas you’re passionate about.

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There is a business model for everyone:

Instructional Courses

Nothing compares to the feeling of helping others learn something that you’re passionate about! No matter what your area of expertise, you can build a course to inform and educate the audience you’ve already attracted, and you can sell this course in a variety of ways– as a monthly or yearly subscription, single pay for lifetime or limited access, multi pay for lifetime or limited access– whatever is appropriate for your model!

Private Community

Nothing improves a community faster than ensuring all members are stakeholders, and must request to join for a fee (compared to groups where joining requires only signing up for free). Paid memberships for sharing content and interacting in forums or bulletin boards are popular for communities of business owners, fitness enthusiasts, hobbyists, health buffs, or other niche groups. If your site provides a welcoming environment and your content is valuable, you can monetize a membership in your niche.

Consultation Service

Your expert advice is valuable and with a well-designed sales funnel and scheduling service, you’ll be able to monetize your knowledge either as collection of content available to members, or by scheduled personal request. With an online bookable calendar, your customers can easily schedule (or request to schedule) only time that you’re available, and they can do so without interrupting your day. Even while you sleep, your consultation website is working for you until you are booked solid.

Digital downloads

If you’ve dreamed of publishing your deep knowledge of a subject as an ebook, a video course, an audio recording– sell it on your own website! Selling on your own platform means you can keep 100% of the profits and set any price point, without competing alongside related products, and without requiring that customers go to a different website. It also means that you can, with permission, continue to nurture buyers for future marketing opportunities.

Product Subscription Box

If you sell a physical product, there’s never been a better time than now to sell your product online in a subscription economy, and in a global environment where customers are less inclined to leave their homes to shop. Even if you already sell your product piecemeal, consider packaging it in a monthly subscription box– just like your Netflix subscriptions, once the decision to purchase is made, customers are much less likely to change their mind and will likely continue to enjoy your product month after month. Your revenue will be predictable, and marketing costs will be far lower.

Affiliate Marketing

Partnering with brands that you already respect and recommend is a great way to turn your high-value content into recurring revenue. It’s a win-win when you turn customers on to products they will benefit from, earning a commission on each sale without adding any cost to your audience. Getting started with an affiliate marketing program is fast and free, so there’s no downside to adding this revenue stream to your website.

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Build a business, not just an income

Influence on social media can be monetized in many ways, but it could be here today, gone tomorrow. Instead, build something with lasting value. Grow and nurture an audience on your own platform and you can set your own terms, without being tied to someone else’s business plan.

Are you ready to take charge of your earning potential and build a business with lasting value?

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