Earn more & work less with white label WordPress care plans

You’ve probably seen how sites can go to seed without the help of someone with technical know-how. Plugins go out of date, licenses expire, angry red warning messages appear on the admin dashboard, and sites even get hacked. It doesn’t have to be that way! You and your client can both benefit from white labeled WordPress care for any site we’ve collaborated on together.

The average lifespan of a website is 2 ½ years.

But for a WordPress website to look as good on day 913 as it did on day one, it’s going to take some TLC.

Delivering a site and expecting the client to maintain it is a bit like expecting them to do all their own work on a late model import car… even if they had the time, the average driver doesn’t have the skills or tools.

However, committing to support a site in the long term can be stressful, especially if the site has complex functionality like eCommerce, restricted content, or learning course management software. Or maybe you’re just more interested in moving on to the next project!

I offer white label service for ongoing website care plans at a discounted rate to my designer collaborators. White Label WordPress Care is slightly modified from my direct-to-client plan– since your client’s site is purpose-built for them to easily edit using custom blocks, I don’t offer content updates. In other words, this care plan is focused on behind-the-scenes preventative measures to make sure the site is always up and running, but it doesn’t include virtual-assistant type tasks like making content updates.

White Label WordPress Care

  • Included web hosting through DigitalOcean
  • 2 GB / 1 CPU
  • 50GB SSD disk storage
  • 2 TB transfer
  • Regular backups in two locations
  • Plugin and core updates
  • Fully managed security
  • Premium plugin licenses
  • Peace of mind and an always-running website

All white label WordPress care plans include web hosting

It’s important to note that I do not offer this care plan to sites I don’t build, and I don’t support websites that are not hosted on my servers. Hosting is always bundled with the care plan.

Bundling hosting into this support plan has twofold benefits.

The client benefits from attentive and prompt support. What’s really being sold by hosting companies is the support, since paying for a little hard drive space is not in itself expensive to provide. Unfortunately, support is always the first thing to go as a home-grown, supportive hosting company matures, because it’s incredibly expensive at scale.

But it’s affordable to offer to a select clientele– that’s what I provide. So the client benefits from an individual level of care and support that budget hosting companies cannot provide.

You (and me!) benefit from easy deployment and maintenance. It’s vastly easier to maintain and support a website when you control the server environment.

If we are working together to rebuild an existing site using my white label/collaborative development service, you should know that going with this hosting service will virtually eliminate all the hard parts of going live.

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