Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a collection of questions that business owners like you often ask me in emails and phone conversations, and the links to learn the answers in my blog.

How can I make my website faster?

Get great hosting, resize and compress your images before you upload them to your website, consider carefully each plugin before adding it, use browser caching whenever you can, and use a quality custom wordpress theme.

What is an SSL certificate, and do you need one?

How much does a website cost?

It depends on the size and the functionality of your website. But a great website is a profit center, not a cost or a liability! Get advice on how to get a proposal for a website that will be worth it.

What is SEO?

It stands for search engine optimization, and it means everything that you do with your site and even outside your website that improves your website’s ranking in search engine results.

What is a web host and which is the best one?

Web hosting is where your website lives and serves up your website to anyone who types in your address. Here’s some good tips for what kind of web hosting you need.

I’ve got a Facebook page, do I need a website?

Even though you can get short term results with only a facebook page (or other social media accounts) it’s not safe long-term to rely on someone else’s platform as your only source of leads. It’s easier to stand out and charge what you’re worth if you have your own website.

Should I add social media links to my website?

In general, linking to outside websites from your website benefits the outside site more than it benefits you. But you may see benefits if you keep the social media links out of the way of your main calls-to-action and if you have active accounts that provide social proof. Read more about what social proof is and how it helps you.