Add eCommerce to your business website

If you are like many business owners, you have a website that is geared toward your main offering. Maybe that’s acquiring leads for your service, or improving your search engine representation to get more foot traffic to a brick and mortar location. But in these unstable times, it’s important to be able to change course quickly. Diversifying your revenue by adding eCommerce to your website is a proactive way to rise to the challenge of owning a business in 2020.

computer screen with graph at a clean desk

If this describes you, let’s work together to make your website a powerful sales machine:

You’re looking for ways to supplement or replace your main revenue stream.

The most practical, immediate way to take advantage of the new digital marketing landscape is to support customers who want to buy while staying at home. eCommerce can be implemented for many business types– physical product sales, digital downloads, gift card sales, online learning, or virtual consultation, to name a few. You can be up and running 24/7 even if your normal way of conducting business is not possible.

You’re looking to stretch your marketing dollars.

Focusing on existing customers is the #1 way to get the most bang for your marketing buck. Proactively manage your relationships with your customers by growing and nurturing a mailing list. With a receptive audience in your mailing list,  you can reach out to customers with exactly what they need, when they need it, in the friendly space that is their email inbox.

You’re looking to connect more closely with your clients, virtually.

If your business relies on in-person sales, or if you are only managing relationships with your customers via social media, you may find that you are far from top-of-mind marketing-wise. But your website can be a powerful tool for managing those relationships. Adding chat tools if your customers frequently have questions, lead-magnets to entice mailing list sign-ups, and integrating email signups into your checkout flow are vital ways to stay connected long-term, no matter what!

Be open for business 24/7

Adding your inventory or digital offerings is a beautiful way to take full advantage of the always-on digital space. And if your offering is digital, don’t limit your sales to the whim of someone else’s feed algorithm– your eCommerce website is your top sales MVP, 24/7.

Tell me about your project and I’ll be in touch right away.