Custom Development Service

Designers, do you want a WordPress website that’s as awesome on the inside as it is on the outside?

I can white-label custom development work for you! No more hassling with the time-consuming, un-fun part of design work. No more slow-loading sites with a million scripts on every page load! Just clean codefast page loads, and easy back-end editing.

Picture this…

You’re a wordpress designer, and you’ve taken over an existing website. You want to add a section to the front page, so you log in. The sidebar is about as long as a Walgreen’s receipt with all the added plugin submenus. You go to the front page (why are there 4 pages named Home?) and discover it’s actually empty. The front page content is tucked away under Appearance > Widgets. Or maybe it’s in a settings page of one of these plugin submenus. Anyways, you find it. You click a button that looks like it will add a block and add some text. You preview the results, holding your breath. Suddenly, the front page H2s are all red, the slideshow is broken, and there’s naked shortcodes displaying on the front end. In the distance, sirens.

Yeah, I’ve been there. That was my real-life experience dropping into a site that had gone through several designers who each had their favorite page builder.

Your beautiful design deserves a back end that’s not an actual dumpster fire. That’s what I do.

How I Develop Solid, Optimized, Easy-to-Use WordPress Themes

I build WordPress websites using custom Gutenberg blocks created using Advanced Custom Fields Pro, a powerful and efficient tool for making robust layouts that are intuitive, non-fragile, and super fast to load. That means when you hand over the site to your client, they will find it easy and fast to edit themselves.

For example if the client wants to add a question to the Frequently Asked Questions page, they’ll edit that page and find a button that says “Add FAQ”. They’ll click it, see one field each for a question and answer, and… that’s it. They won’t be able to break your design.

Once we know all the ways that your client needs to present content, I will create custom blocks that can be reused endlessly on any page, combining to create complex– yet amazingly easy to use– layouts.

No site bloat. Just clean code, and a few well-chosen plugins to accomplish incredible functionality. Your clients will be wowed at how easy their site is to maintain and update, site visitors will get lightning fast page loads, and your beautiful site will stay that way and get results for your clients.

You want it branded for your agency? You’ve got it. White labeled just for you.

Are your clients intimidated by WordPress clutter? I’ll hide it. They can get access to just the parts of their site that they need.

My guiding principles

WordPress is a powerful tool that runs a third of sites for a reason. I believe in playing to its strengths– allowing sites to be edited by non-experts– while carefully avoiding its weaknesses.

That’s why I make sites that:

  • Use only secure plugins
  • Thoughtfully separate style and layout from content
  • Use as few plugins as possible
  • Include functionality The WordPress Way
  • Are accessible by default
  • Follow best practices for SEO and code performance

Successful sites will buoy your portfolio. That’s what I do: fast loading, easy to edit, and always built with best on-page SEO practices.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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